Contains interfaces that need to be implemented by a browser (like Lobo) in order to service Lobo extensions.


Interface Summary
ConnectionProcessor A connection pre- and post-processor.
NavigationListener A listener of navigation events.
NavigatorErrorListener A listener of navigator events.
NavigatorExtension This interface must be implemented by a platform extension or plugin.
NavigatorExtensionContext This interface gives extensions access to the platform.
NavigatorFrame Represents a navigator frame.
NavigatorWindow This interface represents a navigator window.
NavigatorWindowListener A listener of navigator window events.
NetworkRequest The NetworkRequest interface should be implemented to provide network request capabilities.
NetworkRequestListener Listener of NetworkRequest state changes.
Parameter Represents a URL parameter.
ParameterInfo Represents a collection of URL parameters.
UserAgent Represents the user agent, browser or clientlet engine.

Class Summary
NavigationEntry Represents one item in the navigation history.
NavigationEvent A navigation event.
NavigatorEvent A navigator event object.
NavigatorExceptionEvent A navigator event containing an exception.
NavigatorProgressEvent An event containing response progress information.
NavigatorResponseEvent An event containing response information.
NavigatorWindowEvent An event containing information about navigation.

Enum Summary
ProgressType Enumeration with different the different types of request/response progress qualifiers.
RequestType Denotes a type of navigation request.
TargetType Frame target type for navigation.

Exception Summary
NavigationVetoException An exception thrown by NavigationListener methods in order to prevent navigation from occurring.

Package Description

Contains interfaces that need to be implemented by a browser (like Lobo) in order to service Lobo extensions. LogoCopyright © 2005, 2006, 2007 The Lobo Project. All Rights Reserved.
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