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Packages that use ComponentContent
Contains interface Clientlet, which is implemented to process responses and set content renderable by a user agent.
Contains interfaces that need to be implemented by a browser (like Lobo) in order to service Lobo extensions. 

Uses of ComponentContent in org.lobobrowser.clientlet

Classes in org.lobobrowser.clientlet that implement ComponentContent
 class AbstractComponentContent
          Abstract implementation of ComponentContent.
 class SimpleComponentContent

Methods in org.lobobrowser.clientlet that return ComponentContent
 ComponentContent ClientletContext.getResultingContent()
          Gets content previously set with ClientletContext.setResultingContent(Component).

Methods in org.lobobrowser.clientlet with parameters of type ComponentContent
 void ClientletContext.setResultingContent(ComponentContent content)
          After processing a response a clientlet should invoke this method to set displayable frame content.

Uses of ComponentContent in

Methods in that return ComponentContent
 ComponentContent NavigatorFrame.getComponentContent()
          Gets the component content currently set in the frame.

Methods in with parameters of type ComponentContent
 void NavigatorFrame.replaceContent(ClientletResponse response, ComponentContent component)
          Replaces the content of the frame. LogoCopyright © 2005, 2006, 2007 The Lobo Project. All Rights Reserved.
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