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The SourceForge download area for this project contains all released versions of Lobo and Cobra, along with release notes. It also contains Lobo files packaged as a ZIP file; generally recommended for developers using the Browser API.

HTML rendering in Lobo requires JRE 1.5+, but if you are interested in seeing direct JavaFX rendering support in Lobo, you will need JRE 1.6+ (not JDK 1.6+).

Release Notifications

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What's New

  • In v0.98.4 (01/18/2009)
    JavaFX support brought up to date with JavaFX 1.0. Did a HTML layout refactoring, which includes performance improvements, margin collapsing, support of parent and sibling selectors, etc.
  • In v0.98.3 (08/31/2008)
    This release implements SUB and SUP. It also fixes about 20 user-reported bugs.
  • In v0.98.2 (05/11/2008)
    It includes JavaFX compilation enhancements and several HTML renderer bug fixes.
  • In v0.98 (03/09/2008)
    This is the first release of Lobo that supports direct Java and JavaFX rendering. It also addresses about 50 issues in the browser, HTML renderer and CSS parser.

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