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Cobra: Java HTML Renderer & Parser

Cobra is a pure Java HTML renderer and DOM parser that is being developed to support HTML 4, Javascript and CSS 2.

Cobra can be used as a Javascript-aware and CSS-aware HTML parser, independently of the Cobra rendering engine. Javascript DOM modifications that occur during parsing (e.g. via document.write) will be reflected in the parsed DOM, unless Javascript is disabled.


As of version 0.96.1, Cobra requires J2SE 5+ (JDK 1.5+).


You can download Cobra from the SourceForge download area for this project. Note that the download area includes release notes where you can find information about each version's changes.


The Lobo browser [download] is a Java application that uses the Cobra toolkit to parse and render HTML.


Cobra is open source and is made available free of charge. Its source code is released under the LGPL license. Note that Cobra uses the Rhino 1.6R5 Javascript engine, which is released by the Mozilla Foundation under a dual MPL/GPL license. Given that the GPL license of Rhino is the one that is compatible with Cobra's license, it is our opinion that users must observe Rhino's GPL license when linking Cobra.

Getting Started

See our Getting Started page for tips on setting up and getting started with the Cobra rendering engine.

HTML Parser

See the HTML Parser Page for information on how to use Cobra as a Javascript-aware, CSS-aware HTML parser.

Cobra vs. Lobo

We have a separate Browser API (GPL) that is better suited to embedding a full featured web browser in a Swing application.


Cobra is work in progress. If you would like to contribute, please see the source code page for information on how to set up an environment for development of Cobra, and on how to submit code patches.

If you have any specific suggestions on improving Cobra, please don't hesitate to contact us.


If you require community assistance, please visit our Help Forum.

If you find something doesn't work quite the way it should, please submit a bug report or a feature request.

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