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Packages that use FrameContext
org.lobobrowser.html.gui Contains Java Swing components that render a HTML DOM. 
org.lobobrowser.html.renderer Contains the HTML renderer infrastructure. 
org.lobobrowser.html.test Contains test software classes and simple implementations of context interfaces. 

Uses of FrameContext in org.lobobrowser.html.gui

Classes in org.lobobrowser.html.gui that implement FrameContext
 class HtmlPanel
          The HtmlPanel class is a Swing component that can render a HTML DOM.

Fields in org.lobobrowser.html.gui declared as FrameContext
protected  FrameContext HtmlBlockPanel.frameContext

Constructors in org.lobobrowser.html.gui with parameters of type FrameContext
HtmlBlockPanel(java.awt.Color background, boolean opaque, UserAgentContext pcontext, HtmlRendererContext rcontext, FrameContext frameContext)
HtmlBlockPanel(UserAgentContext pcontext, HtmlRendererContext rcontext, FrameContext frameContext)

Uses of FrameContext in org.lobobrowser.html.renderer

Fields in org.lobobrowser.html.renderer declared as FrameContext
protected  FrameContext RBlock.frameContext

Constructors in org.lobobrowser.html.renderer with parameters of type FrameContext
RBlock(NodeImpl modelNode, int listNesting, UserAgentContext pcontext, HtmlRendererContext rcontext, FrameContext frameContext, RenderableContainer parentContainer)
RBlockViewport(ModelNode modelNode, RenderableContainer container, int listNesting, UserAgentContext pcontext, HtmlRendererContext rcontext, FrameContext frameContext, RCollection parent)
          Constructs an HtmlBlockLayout.
RImgControl(ModelNode me, org.lobobrowser.html.renderer.UIControl widget, RenderableContainer container, FrameContext frameContext, UserAgentContext ucontext)

Uses of FrameContext in org.lobobrowser.html.test

Classes in org.lobobrowser.html.test that implement FrameContext
 class SimpleBrowserFrame
          The SimpleBrowserFrame class implements the BrowserFrame interface. LogoCopyright © 2005, 2006, 2007 The Lobo Project. All Rights Reserved.
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